Preschoolers at Wise Owl Academy  enjoy a curriculum that promotes physical and cognitive development through play and exploration.  Learning and creativity are incorporated into free and structured activities during a preschooler’s day. A kindergarten-readiness based curriculum continues to strengthen academic skills while small and large group activities promote the development of social skills.  Preschoolers are divided into three and four-year-old groups.  Within each classroom, preschoolers are further divided into primary care groups for small group activities.

Unique Preschool Program Benefits:

  • Teacher-child ratio: 1:10
  • Primary care groups to better meet the individual needs of the child.
  • Teachers dedicated to the development of trust, security and emotional growth through prompt, nurturing and responsive care
  • A curriculum designed to foster learning through stimulating sights, sounds and physical exploration.
  • Daily classroom schedule providing for a mix of teacher-lead activities, such as circle time, creative expression, language and literacy projects, as well as child-initiated activities such as role playing in the dramatic play center or sensory explorating in the sand and water table.
  • Twice daily visits to the developmentally and age appropriate playground (weather permitting), equipped with an outdoor art center, tricycle path, and literacy center.
  • Detailed individualized reports on each child’s activities, completed daily and sent home weekly
  • Bi-annual parent-teacher conferences (additional conference available upon request)
  • Open door policy for parents

Preschool Program Learning Objectives – Social / Emotional

Preschoolers will learn initiative and social relation skills by:

  • Making and expressing choices, plans and decisions
  • Solving problems encountered in play
  • Taking care of one’s own needs
  • Expressing feelings in words
  • Participating in group routines
  • Being sensitive to the feelings, interests, and needs of others
  • Building relationships with children and adults
  • Creating, experiencing, and enjoying collaborative play
  • Dealing with social conflict
  • Engaging frequently in “role playing” activities

Preschool Program Learning Objectives – Physical

Preschoolers will engage in many gross motor activiites such as:

  • Moving in non-locomotor ways:  anchored movement — bending, twisting, rocking, swinging one’s arms
  • Moving in locomotor ways:  non-anchored movement — running, jumping, hopping, skipping, marching, climbing
  • Balancing easily on one foot
  • Acting upon movement directions
  • Moving in sequences to a common beat

Preschoolers will engage in many fine motor activiites such as:

  • Cutting along line with scissors
  • Copying letters with accuracy and writing many intelligibly
  • Lacing shoes
  • Drawing  with purpose and design
  • Manipulating small pieces to make designs
  • Working a minimum of a  twenty four piece puzzle

Preschool Program Learning Objectives – Cognitive

Preschoolers will enhance their understanding of numbers by:

  • Comparing the numbers of things in two sets to determine “more”, “fewer”, “same number”
  • Arranging two sets of objects in a one-to-one correspondence
  • Counting objects

Preschoolers will develop seriation skills by:

  • Comparing attributes such as longer and shorter; bigger and smaller
  • Arranging several things one after another in a series or pattern and describing the relationships (big/bigger/biggest, red/blue/green/green/red/blue/green/green)
  • Fitting one ordered set of objects  to another through trial and error

Preschoolers will develop classification skills by:

  • Exploring and describing similarities, differences, and the attributes of things
  • Distinguishing and describing shapes
  • Sorting and matching
  • Using and describing something in several ways
  • Holding more than one attribute in mind at a time
  • Distinguishing between “some” and “all”
  • Describing characteristics something does not possess or what class to which it does not belong

Preschoolers will enhance their understanding of the concept of space by:

  • Filling and emptying
  • Fitting things together and taking them apart
  • Changing the shape and arrangement of objects (wrapping, twisting, stretching, stacking, enclosing)
  • Observing people, places, and things from different spatial viewpoints
  • Experiencing and describing positions, directions, and distances in the play space, building, and neighborhood
  • Interpreting spatial relations in drawings, pictures, and photographs

Preschoolers will enhance their understanding of time by:

  • Starting and stopping an action on signal
  • Experiencing and describing rates of movement
  • Experiencing and comparing time intervals
  • Anticipating, remembering, and describing sequences of events

Preschoolers will enhance language and literacy skills by:

  • Talking with others about personally meaningful experiences
  • Describing objects, events, and relations
  • Having fun with language:  listening to stories and poems, making up stories and rhymes
  • Writing in various ways:  drawing, scribbling, letterlike forms, invented spelling, conventional forms
  • Reading in various ways:  reading storybooks, signs and symbols, one’s own writing
  • Dictating stories

Preschoolers will enhance their communication skills by:

  • Negotiating with peers
  • Maintaining a 20-30 minute conversation
  • Telling “secrets” to friends

Preschoolers will expand their intellectual development by:

  • Displaying a growing interest in letters and numbers
  • Enjoying complex and smaller picture books
  • Enjoying lotto games, matching and sorting
  • Understanding simple science and math concepts
  • Developing a conscience
  • Beginning to use “Yesterday”, “Today”, and “Tomorrow” in conversation
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Important Dates

May 6-10:
 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 12:
  Mother's Day

May 16:
 Wear Purple for Peace Day

May 17:
 Earth Day

May 20:
 CrAzY Sock Day

May 22:
 Pre-K Field Day/Last day of School

May 27:
 CLOSED for Memorial Day

May 28:
 Summer Camp Kick-Off!!!


"Our son has attended Wise Owl Academy since he was 7 weeks old. He is now 6 years old and attends the after-school care program. With each step of his age progression I could not be happier with not only the care he has received! Wise Owl is a wonderful daycare that my son enjoys attending and we feel like it is his home away from home."- Renee Kelley

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